Deana Machin

Deana Machin (MBA, B.Sc.) is the Strategic Development Manager at the First Nations Fisheries Council and has been active in the field of First Nations fisheries management and policy for over 15 years. She is a member of the Okanagan Nation and grew up spending summers on Okanagan Lake in Vernon, BC which has formed strong values about the role of First Nations in resource management, watershed protection and promoting collaborative management approaches to fisheries management. The main focus of her work with the FNFC is to build positive and effective relationships between First Nations, governments and NGOs. She specializes in strategic planning, community engagement, and collaborative design of engagement initiatives to facilitate community-based dialogue which guides and supports organizational strategies and initiatives. Prior to working with the FNFC, Deana was the Fisheries Program Manager for the Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA) for seven years. While with the ONA, Deana led the Reintroduction of Sockeye Salmon into the Okanagan Basin Initiative, which in 2006 saw the first release of sockeye fry into Skaha Lake, and collaborated with federal and provincial governments and other partners on the development of the Okanagan Basin Fish-Water Management Tools model and the Okanagan River Restoration Initiative.

Presentation Title:
Implications of Okanagan EFN‐setting work for policy in BC