Sewage Facilities Assistance

One of the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s oldest programs, for more than 40 years sewage facilities grants have helped Okanagan communities make dramatic reductions in nutrient loading to lakes and streams. The OBWB provides a locally-based source of funds to match provincial infrastructure dollars, under the principle that clean water benefits all Basin residents.

In June 2024, the Water Board approved updates to its existing sewer grants program, expanding funding for community sewers, and introducing new funds for rural areas to protect groundwater and community health through appropriate wastewater planning.

The original program, introduced in 1970, supported the building of sewer treatment plants, and pipes to neighbourhoods that were developed prior to 1978. This led to a significant improvement in water quality throughout valley lakes and streams.

The updated funding will support sewers to lots created before 2007 that were originally built on septic systems.

New funding is also available for the creation of Liquid Waste Management Plans, that support policies to protect groundwater and community health through appropriate septic installation and maintenance.

Communities will be eligible for the updated grants starting in 2025.