Grants – Overview

The financial structure of the Okanagan Basin Water Board promotes the sharing of resources to move forward on projects that are of high priority and high value to communities.

The OBWB receives funding from senior government agencies, manages finances for collaborative partnerships, and distributes grants for local water quality and conservation projects.

Local dollars leverage funding from other sources and build the Okanagan’s capacity.

grants_wcqi1. Water Conservation and Quality Improvement (WCQI)

This program provides funds to local government to support innovative, tangible, on the ground, water quality and conservation improvement initiatives. In 2023, the OBWB awarded $350,000 in Water Conservation and Quality Improvement grants, matching funds from municipalities and private funders.

grants_sfa2. Sewage Facilities Assistance (SFA)

For more than 40 years, sewage facilities grants have helped Okanagan communities make dramatic reductions in nutrient loading to lakes and streams by providing a portion of the costs for new or upgraded sewer infrastructure. The OBWB has delivered millions of dollars in Sewage Facilities Assistance grants to local governments to upgrade sewage treatment plants and help communities move from septic to sewer.


3. Funding Partnerships

Occasionally, the OBWB funds projects, coordinates funding partnerships, or provides matching funds for water science projects that are undertaken in cooperation with other agencies, researchers or universities.

Other Sources of Funding

Follow the links for application requirements, eligibility and deadlines.