Mission Creek Workshop – December 2023

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The purpose of this workshop was to discuss current challenges and opportunities for Mission Creek, with people and organizations that work in and around the creek. We wanted to learn from each other and identify common concerns and objectives. While to our knowledge there is not a formal ‘Watershed Plan’ being considered at this time for Mission Creek, there are many planning processes underway, and we hope that this dialog will improve those processes and their outcomes. The workshop will also inform future priorities for Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) science, planning, grants, and recommendations to other levels of government.

We sought to:

  • Get updates on the creek’s current condition and changes.
  • Hear lived experiences about what is happening on the ground, in and around the creek.
  • Learn from each other catalyzing discussion.
  • Determine where knowledge or policy gaps are, and how to fill them.
  • Suggest tangible next steps, contributing to, without replicating, other efforts already being considered or are underway, i.e.
    • Mission Creek Water Use Plan update
    • ONA salmon reintroduction and management plans
    • Mission Creek Restoration Initiative plans
    • City of Kelowna Water Security plan
    • OBWB hydrology studies