Preparing for Invasive Mussels: Vulnerability Assessment Guide for Raw Water Infrastructure

All raw water infrastructure can be assessed using this guide, protecting water systems for drinking and agriculture, municipal and private, industrial facilities, small and large, simple and complex.

Invasive mussels usually begin to affect infrastructure within three to five years of introduction to a water body. Assessing the risks and understanding the costs of invasive mussels in advance can help in planning and preparing for anticipated increases in costs and maintenance.

This document is a step-by-step guide for facility managers to assess
the vulnerability of their source water and facilities to invasive mussel infestation. The information presented here is likely more comprehensive than any one user needs. However, following the sections of this guide based on a user’s specific situation before the mussels arrive will help mitigate potential costs through long-term capital planning rather than through emergency response measures.

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