Roderick MacLean

Roderick MacLean, M. Sc., P. Eng. (B.Sc. McGill, M.Sc. U of Saskatchewan)
Utility Planning Manager – City of Kelowna

Rod has been working with the City of Kelowna for one year now, responsible, in part, for planning annual projects and development of long term plans for the City’s water, sanitary, storm, solid waste and now agricultural irrigation infrastructure. Prior to this, over a 27 year span, Rod was a project manager, government manager, irrigation specialist and consulting engineer working on a variety of projects throughout British Columbia, southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and across Canada.

Mr. MacLean managed the design and construction of the sockeye salmon passage system at McIntyre Dam, and more recently managed construction of a fish-friendly Coanda Screen Intake system on Norrish Creek for the City of Abbotsford.

Rod is here to present some of the challenges ahead for the City of Kelowna concerning water, and some of the opportunities that lie ahead.