Weather Report – December 2023

NOAA (U.S. weather agency) continues to forecast a warmer-and-drier-than-normal winter due to El Niño conditions. The areas forecast to have low precipitation become more geographically widespread as the season goes on. High temperatures are also forecast to be persistent through the season. Although this website just forecasts for the U.S., it is updated more frequently than the Environment Canada forecasts:

Okanagan Lake is at the 19th percentile for this time of year (only 19 out of 100 years have lake levels been this low at this day of the year).


Okanagan snowpillows are also below the 25th percentile for their historical records. In general, water managers aren’t too concerned by low levels at this time of year, because there is a lot of time left to catch up. However, given the El Niño conditions, there is a real possibility that the drought will continue into 2024.

Mission Creek Snow Pillow: 1780 m elevation (records began in 1969)


Silver Star snow pillow: 1840 m elevation (records began in 2015)


Brenda Mines snow pillow: 1460 m elevation (records began in 1992)