Choose deer and drought-resistant hedging

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Castanet -Sigrie Kendrick – Nov 23, 2022 

Deer, deer everywhere. Wow, does the deer population of the valley seem to have exploded recently. 

With the sudden early snow limiting grazing options for them in the wild, many deer seem to be munching on anything they can get their teeth into in the valley bottom. 

I see many homeowners resorting to wrapping their Thuja occidentalis, commonly known as Eastern or Northern white cedar, hedges with burlap, netting, or snow fencing in an attempt to fend off these hungry grazers. 

What a hassle. It’s not pretty and it doesn’t always work.

Even though I personally enjoyed our recent warm fall weather, I was concerned about the implications for our watersheds and now that the data is available—with good reason. 

According to meteorologist data, October saw only six mm of precipitation compared to a normal of 29.2 mm. The average temperature was 12.1 C compared to a normal of 7.3 C.