Supply Scenarios

Increasing Air Temperatures:Although the climate model used in Phase 2 suggests that the average total annual precipitation won’t change significantly in future, air temperatures are … Read more

Demand Scenarios

Climate Change Only:If it is assumed that in the future only the climate changes, and everything else (including population) were to remain the same, Okanagan … Read more

Implications for the future

Overall, the results of the scenarios do not point to a sudden, dramatic decline in water availability. Risks of water shortages for human use and environmental … Read more


Phase 3 – Scenarios Report (5.3Mb PDF)This report summarizes a selection of Okanagan Basin water supply and use projections for 2011 to 2040, based on Phase 3 modeling using … Read more


2019 Update Info coming soon. Computer Models for Okanagan Water The Okanagan Water Supply & Demand project is based on best available science and data … Read more

Water supply study funded

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has received a grant of $160,000 from the Canada-B.C. Water Supply Expansion program to go towards a water supply and … Read more