Environmental Flows:

Water Use Plans and Technical Documents in the British Columbia Context

Annotated Bibliography – Ted Wannop 5/27/2015


The Okanagan Water Stewardship Council has formed the Environmental Flows Committee in order to study the legal, ecological, and economic aspects of Environmental Flows in the Okanagan. The committee is composed of members of the Water Stewardship Council; in particular, individuals that have a combination of interest and skills in Environmental Flows.

Environmental Flows, for the purpose of this committee, are defined as the timing, quality, and quantity of water flows that are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, while managing the flows for human needs as well. For example, an environmental flow study could establish a flow regime in order to ensure healthy spawning of Sockeye salmon in a given sub-basin.

This document centralizes information of interest to the Environmental Flows committee. Specifically, included are Water Use Plans and Technical documents that are in the Okanagan Basin context, with exception to the BC Hydro Water Use Plan examples.