Middle Vernon Creek Decision Support System – Tutorial

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The Okanagan Nation Alliance (ONA) is currently in its second year of a five-year study that includes development of a water management plan for MVC. A key component of the plan is an analysis of the impacts of various reservoir operations and water withdrawals on flows in MVC, with a particular focus on the Kokanee spawning period. The water balance analysis serves as an important communication tool for exploring alternative water management strategies and communicating multiple objective trade-offs with water users. The purpose of the decision support system (DSS) for MVC is to function as an in season management tool with new features that would allow more detailed analysis of risks and help water managers identify optimal water management strategies. Further, the design and technology platform we would use for the enhanced DSS could be extended in the future to include near real-time data links for more enhanced forecasting. This would build upon proven technology strategies and designs used in the award winning Okanagan Fish Water Management Tool (FWMT) developed by ESSA Technologies, under the technical and scientific leadership of the Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group. This document is a tutorial for using the MVC DSS.

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