Fires, flooding, droughts: new research studies Okanagan collectively

June 7, 2020

Infonews – June 7, 2020

The Okanagan natural assets are a draw for its residents but how they are being protected is something that’s getting a closer view.

Rehan Sadiq, a UBCO civil engineering professor who works in the water sector of municipalities, said there are peculiar issues here that are unique to the Okanagan Valley.

“We have challenges around drought, fire, flooding. It’s very interesting to study,” he said.

For example, flooding can impact overall water services, and not only drinking water is the issue, but stormwater management and the water in Okanagan Lake, he said.

The one-water project will investigate state-of-the-art practices in urban water management. At the same time, researchers will identify and develop performance indicators, performance assessment and benchmarking framework, and create a portal for information analysis, sharing and learning throughout the Okanagan, according to UBCO.

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