Letter to Editor – Fighting for our pristine waters

August 21, 2019

Kelowna Capital News – August 21, 2019

Last week’s announcement by federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Jonathan Wilkinson that the Rocky Mountain ridged mussel would not be reclassified under the most recent Species at Risk Act review was welcome news to many in our community.

It was a testament to how the combined efforts of local organizations and elected officials can ensure that well-intentioned actions do not have unintended consequences on communities.

The Government of Canada actively engages in the protection of at-risk aquatic species making classification decisions based on scientific advice and in keeping with the concerns of communities, while carefully considering the health and stability of the economy.

This year, the Government of Canada was considering the addition or re-classification of 31 aquatic animals under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). These species include 23 freshwater fish and eight molluscs, including the Rocky Mountain ridged mussel (RMRM).

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