Okanagan mayors, First Nations leaders gather to prepare for changing climate

June 22, 2012

Kelowna, B.C. – Weather patterns around the world, and right here in the Okanagan, are becoming increasingly unpredictable. Weather is fluctuating between flooding and drought and our aging infrastructure is being challenged to keep up with demands, often needing costly emergency fixes.

Understanding the need to address these issues, Mayors, First Nations leaders, Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs), and senior engineering and planning staff from throughout the Okanagan, gathered on Friday for a full-day discussion on “Adapting to Climate Change in the Okanagan – Reducing Water Risks.”

The peer-to-peer workshop, held at Kelowna’s Best Western Inn, provided a look at what the region can expect from climate change, offered practical solutions to prepare communities, and allowed attendees to make connections with their counterparts in the valley to help develop an effective, coordinated response.

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