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Residents urged to ‘have the talk’ about invasive mussels

August 11, 2016

August 11, 2016 – Osoyoos Times

Have you had “the talk”?

While many parents worry about how to have “the talk” with their children about sex, the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) is encouraging residents to have “the talk” with family and friends about keeping invasive mussels out of Okanagan lakes.

Zebra and quagga mussels may not be very sexy, though they can produce millions of offspring in a single year.

“If you have a brother-in-law on the east coast bringing his boat out for a vacation here in the Okanagan, talk with him,” said Corrine Jackson, OBWB communications director. “If you have a neighbour who is a snowbird who hauls their watercraft with them, or you hear someone talking about buying a jet ski from out of province, have the talk.”

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