Study to look at water needs

February 12, 2016

February 12, 2016 – KissFM

The Okanagan Basin Water Board has secured a federal gas tax grant for a study to get a better handle on the water needs in the region.

Board Chair Doug Findlater says the two year study will look at the water needs of fish and aquatic ecosystems, using flow monitoring equipment in streams identified as important for fish habitat.

He says it’s an essential process needed to sustainably manage water in the valley.

“Water is precious in the Okanagan, where we have one of the lowest rates of water available per person than anywhere in Canada, but have one of the highest rates of use in the country,” says Findlater. “Through this grant, the Water Board, Okanagan Nation Alliance and FLNRO (Forests, Natural Lands Ministry) , will be conducting the largest Environmental Flow Needs study in Canada.”

The board was awarded a grant for $397,000.

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