This South Okanagan lake is open for recreational use again

InfoNews – August 10, 2022

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Vaseux Lake in the South Okanagan can be enjoyed by swimmers and kayakers again.

Every summer for years, the lake has been overwhelmed by milfoil – an invasive seaweed that is able to prosper in small, warm bodies of water like Vaseux.

“For now, home owners and visitors to the lake can once again enjoy swimming, kayaking and other aquatic activities without having to move through a large infestation of milfoil,” according to a media release from the Vaseux Lake Stewardship Association.

A milfoil harvester was recently used to remove the seaweed. It’s an effective, albeit temporary solution. But for more than 30 years, red tape was preventing the machines from entering the water, and the milfoil ran amok, especially over the past decade. The release thanks James Littley from the Okanagan Basin Water Board for helping to overcome those regulations.