Tighter water restrictions

July 29, 2021

Castanet – July 29, 2021

The Town of Oliver is introducing tighter water restrictions, which take effect on Friday for users within the Town boundaries and portions of RDOS Electoral Area ‘C’ (rural Oliver).

Residential users will now only be allowed one day per week to water, odd numbered houses on Wednesday and even numbered houses on Friday.

Agriculture, Commercial and Industrial Users were asked before to reduce water usage by 30 per cent as stage two. Now, the Town is asking these users to continue to reduce irrigation use for farming, commercial and industrial use.

Agricultural customers (farm status) may continue to water to maintain the health of their crops but are being asked to voluntarily reduce consumption and continue to monitor for leaks and reduce watering during the heat of the day if possible.

Residents are encouraged to adjust their residential underground irrigation systems to water lawns, trees and shrubs between midnight and 7 a.m. on their watering day. Extra hand watering is permitted for personal gardens, trees and shrubs.

Those found in non-compliance may end up with a $250 fine through Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw 1406, with a $100.00 fee applied if water service has been turned off.

Public Works Crews and Bylaw Enforcement are visiting properties who may be in violation of the water restrictions.

“There is little doubt the Okanagan is on the front lines of climate change, shifting between flooding and drought, and extreme fire seasons. Okanagan municipalities are working to find solutions to Make Water Work and preparing water users to ensure a sustainable water supply for our valley,” the news release reads.

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