BC Water Use Reporting Centre

BC Water Use Reporting Centre

One valley. One water. One stop reporting.

Bringing your water management into the 21st century

BC Water Use Reporting Centre BrochureIn the Okanagan, we must use the best available tactics and strategies to manage our water. As new technologies emerge, we can now report quicker, with less effort, and more frequently than ever before.

Water use reporting is more than simply meeting regulations. The more often we report, the more accurate our data is, and the more responsive we can be to shortages.

The vision of the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) is to have a fully-integrated water system, meeting the needs of residents and agriculture while supporting wildlife and natural areas.

The OBWB, in partnership with the Province of BC and Environment of Canada, has launched an online water management and reporting system that will help you make smarter decisions today for a better, stronger tomorrow.

The BC Water Use Reporting Centre is a simple web-based system designed to help utilities and large water users regularly record water use. Once entered, the data is securely held until Provincial reporting is required; then with a click of a button, reports can be printed.

What the BC Water Use Reporting Centre means for you

  • Record and report from anywhere you have cell phone access
  • Access your data quickly and easily online
  • Review last year’s (or any time period’s) data for benchmarking and analysis
  • Review other utilities’ data for comparison
  • Predict tomorrow’s usage and make better management decisions today
  • Build lasting water supplies for your utility, the valley and beyond

BC Water Use Reporting Centre Screen Shots

“Government will require all large water users to measure and report their water use.”
Living Water Smart – British Columbia’s Water Plan

“The BC Water Use Reporting Centre allows utilities to provide current water use data and access historic data for trending. And just as importantly, we are able to see what other water utilities in the valley are extracting, helping us work together and manage our common water resource.”
– Bob Hrasko, former Water Supply Association of B.C Vice-Chair and Black Mountain Irrigation District (BMID) Administrator

“It is worth the time to get familiar with the system, as it provides a convenient and secure location to store the data and have the ability to trend it once it is loaded, and it makes it easy to stay on track with the data entry. Overall I am quite impressed with the usefulness of the system.”
– Alistair Wardlaw, District of Summerland, Water Supply Technician

“Reporting water use makes sense. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.”
– Conrad Pryce, Section Head, Water Allocation, B.C. Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

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Who can participate

Information Guide for the BC Water Use Reporting centreThe BC Water Use Reporting Centre is available for use by all BC water license holders in the Okanagan Basin. If you would like access to participate in this program, free of charge, please contact us.

The Choice is Ours:

We can continue to use existing, inefficient water reporting processes, or we can move to online data reporting and analysis which will lead to stable and reliable water supplies for the entire valley. Join the Okanagan Basin Water Board in bringing water management and data collection into the 21st century. Choose to use the BC Water Use Reporting Centre.

It’s free. It’s simple. It works.

To learn more or participate in the BC Water Use Reporting Centre, contact

Okanagan Basin Water Board
Nelson Jatel

(250) 469-6295