Water Board Given 5-Year Go-Ahead for Okanagan Milfoil Control

July 17, 2013

Working with the Province of B.C., the Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) has been  given a five-year  agreement for milfoil control on Okanagan Lakes, ensuring improved work flow for the program.

The OBWB has been responsible for  control of invasive Eurasian watermilfoil in Okanagan valley lakes since the 1970s. In recent years, new environmental and species concerns have increased the amount of diligence needed to operate.

This year, the OBWB worked with provincial staff to develop a new operation plan and comprehensive mapping for the 53 km of shoreline that  is treated through this program.  The new system means operations will be able to continue through summer 2018 without the need to notify the province. “In the past we’ve had to notify the province twice a year, even though our operations have been relatively consistent for decades,” explained James Littley, OBWB Office and Project Manager. “This year we were able to collaborate with provincial staff to develop best practices that will let us control the weeds, and protect the lakes’ sensitive species and ecosystems.”

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