Agricultural Dole Valve Replacement

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Osoyoos Irrigation District

Project Description:

This project allowed the Osoyoos Irrigation District (OID) to replace 35 Dole valves with more efficient Griswold valves in their orchards. The Griswold regulator valves were placed above ground which allows space for future meters, easier repair and maintenance, more visible leak detection, and no tempering of the valves. This change allowed OID to meet their goals to regulate water usage, provide equitable water distribution and conserve energy in their orchards. Results included an overall reduction in water usage of over 15 - 20%, a reduction in total KWH of electricity of 15% - 20%, and a reduction in chlorine. Also, the Water Bailiff reports 75% less complaints about lack of water pressure and water quality. The future focus of OID is to provide quality water for domestic use and conserve water for the future. Future considerations included meter installation (if adequate resources can be found), educating users using newsletters, developing bylaws that include sprinkling restrictions and enforcement and increased monitoring of water throughout their service area.

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