Assessment of Okanagan and Kalamalka Lake Intakes

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District of Lake Country

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The District of Lake Country (DLC) completed Source to Tap Assessments for the intakes it operates on Okanagan Lake and Kalamalka Lake. The purpose of this study was to collect all available information for use in identifying the intake’s strengths, liabilities and for planning water quality protection and improvement.

The important data gaps were identified and research to fill them was conducted, including long-shore currents that could transport contaminants to the intakes, contaminants from sediments beneath the intakes, and the serious but unlikely presence of human septic wastes as measured by Cantest’s caffeine analysis. Microfloral samples, thermistor data, light data, and water quality samples were collected, analyzed and recorded. One of the largest obstacles encountered was the number of water-ski boats using the intake area on Kalamalka Lake in July and August, even early in the morning. All stakeholders were given the opportunity for input on the report.

The assessment incorporated additional data collection to strengthen the contaminant source survey and the risk characterization components of the assessment, including water quality sampling and water current modeling for Kalamalka Lake which has not been collected in any other source assessment to date. 

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