BCWF Conservation App Phase II

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Oceola Fish and Game Club

Project Description:

To create the android version of the BCWF Conservation App, increase our existing user base, and improve app and website functionality for users, admin, moderators, and enforcement agencies.

The BCWF Conservation app and website’s goal is to raise social awareness surrounding the value of BC’s natural resources, including water, through a mobile based app and website to document and report issues related to illegal use/abuse. The app and website is a cooperative project between the BC Wildlife Federation and UBC-O that OCEOLA will be supporting as a member club of the BC Wildlife Federation.

The app and website allows users to photograph potential environmental damage, poaching, polluting, etc; the photographs are time-stamped, and georeferenced. Photos are stored on UBC-O’s secure server and relayed to enforcement agencies. Appropriate photos are posted on a Google Maps based platform page on the BCWF website to increase social awareness about the misuse of BC’s natural resources.

Specifically as it relates to water this app will encourage and facilitate the reporting and social awareness surrounding ORV use, mudbogging, and illegal dumping in community watersheds, illegal water pumps and other illegal uses associated with riparian habitat, wetlands, and water quality/quantity conservation. Community watersheds in the Okanagan are subject to high use; this is one tool which could aid in mitigating the risk of contamination of source drink water.

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