Boat Impact Assessment for Water Source Protection on Kalamalka and Wood Lakes

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Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

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The aim of this project was to investigate the long-term potential threats to lake water source protection for the municipal and domestic intakes on Wood Lake and Kalamalka Lake from boating activity. This project is driven by an increasing demand to develop lands on or near the lakes, and a demand for recreational boating and its infrastructure.
The project undertook research to develop a report with recommendations that will lead to new or updated policies, bylaws and regulations for water source protection.
Several key stakeholders engaged in the process including the RDNO, OCCP, and the Districts of Lake Country and Coldstream who worked together to identify potential threats and mitigating actions for source water protection.
The project was proactive in identifying areas of mitigation and improvement to limit the health, environmental, financial, and operational risks for source water protection.

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