Deep Creek Sensitive Habitat inventory Mapping

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Deep Creek Improvement District

Project Description:

The Deep Creek watershed is a critical component to the health and vitality of the natural environment and economies of the urban and rural communities throughout the Okanagan Valley. Recognizing that the Okanagan is one valley with one water, this project contributed to the overall understanding of the state of ecological conditions and historical impacts to the Deep Creek watershed. The study also contributed to the understanding of water quality concerns of the north arm of Okanagan Lake and helps guide watershed management decisions and priorities with respect to habitat restoration and enhancement projects. In addition, the study has provided a means of highlighting areas of Deep Creek that have problems with channel stability, sedimentation, water quality and flooding.

The goals and objectives accomplished were:

  • the collection of baseline environmental and sensitive habitat information to contribute to our overall understanding of Deep Creek and help guide management decisions/priorities with respect to habitat restoration and enhancement;
  • highlight areas of Deep Creek with channel stability, water quality, sedimentation, and flooding concerns;
  • contribute to our overall understanding of the environmental values of Deep Creek; and,
  • provide a basis for the development of a watershed management strategy that addresses the multijurisdictional and often complex land management issues.

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