Fencing at Thirsk Lake Reservoir to Improve Water Quality

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District of Summerland

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Thirsk Lake is the single largest reservoir within the Trout Creek watershed. It is the primary source of water for Trout Creek (the second largest tributary creek to Okanagan Lake), as well as the primary source of water for the District of Summerland. The lake was recently expanded to increase summer water capacity for drinking water and fish flows, and under normal operating conditions it is drawn down over the summer and then by the fall season water levels are quite low. With easy access from a nearby roadway, the resulting mudflats were being used for mud-bogging causing detrimental effects on the watershed and water quality. To restrict access of recreational vehicles, as well as limit access by cattle, the District installed fencing on the north side of the reservoir between the high water mark and the road along with signage prohibiting entry into the area. A maintenance plan will be carried out by the Ministry of Forest and Range. This project is a big step in securing and maintaining this critical water supply.

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