Hydrometric Monitoring – Peachland and Trepanier Creeks

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District of Peachland

Project Description:

The goal of this project is to allow for the installation of two hydrometric monitoring stations at the mouths of Peachland and Trepanier Creeks, respectively. These stations will allow for more efficient management of the District of Peachland’s (DOP) water supply. The capability to more closely monitor the discharge from Peachland Creek will result in a marked decrease in discharge volumes from Peachland Lake. There is also potential for an improvement in overall water quality as a result of this project. The stations will eventually provide a data baseline for each creek which can be used to compare both annual and peak flows. These comparisons could provide insight into events that may be occuring as a result of forest management or other activities within the watershed (both positive and negative). Finally, there will be an environmental benefit to installing these stations. The data will be shared with all interested parties but in particular, the Okanagan Nation Alliance and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources (FLNRORD) with the primary goal of monitoring appropriate fish flows.

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