Improved Water Management Using WEAP (2 Grants)

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District of Peachland

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To better manage its water supply, the District of Peachland developed a WEAP (Water Evaluation And Planning) model of its water supplies: Peachland Creek, Trepanier Creek, and Ponderosa Wells. It integrates the basin level results from the OBWB Water Supply & Demand project at the sub-basin level as input for data for the WEAP model. Calibrations were done using current data for each watershed to then be used to model a variety of supply and demand options such as climate and population changes. The WEAP model is user-friendly, which allowed District staff to be part of the project team and be trained how to run the model and develop new scenarios to incorporate it as an operational tool. Additionally, visual products were created using a GIS based communications tool to illustrate model results and water management options to the District Council and the public. Once the WEAP model was created, Peachland began using it to create an operational plan, drought management plan, and a sensitivity analysis. This model allowed the District to include uncertain parameters such as climate change into their modeling, and subsequently into their planning process. The District of Peachland's WEAP model could be integrated into the OBWB's WEAP basin level model, providing more details and expanded information about the Peachland Creek sub-basin. This project is an opportunity to continue to build a strong alliance with the water suppliers and the OBWB by demonstrating how the results from the basin studies can be applied for operational management at the sub-basin level. The District is committed to investing in water management planning tools. peachlandweap

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