Joe Rich Creek Restoration Monitoring Program

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Regional District Central Okanagan

Project Description:

This project was to develop a monitoring program for Joe Rich Creek restoration works. The program monitors the present stream health and continues to track changes over time. It detects whether stream health is improving; if management actions are as effective as planned; and if land use impacts (erosion/ siltation, pollutants) are being reduced.

Joe Rich Creek restoration works have been undertaken by a collaboration of stakeholders since 2006. The aim of the restoration works was to improve water quality, recover fish and wildlife habitat and reduce property loss. Monitoring of these works was conducted in 2007 and 2008 but did not address the effectiveness of the works completed. In 2014 Okanagan College Water Engineering Technology (WET) students developed, as a capstone project, a monitoring program for Joe Rich Creek. This newly developed monitoring program will refine this work and has undertaken year 1 of the monitoring.

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