Lake Responsibility Planning Process

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Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

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The aim of this project is to implement a Sylix water responsibility planning process to create new Sylix and non-Sylix engagement and decision-making processes for co-creating a framework for the Okanagan Lake Responsibility Strategy. This consensus-based process will strengthen protection measures for siwłkw (water) and the land and address the cumulative impacts threatening the long- term viability of ecosystems to provide clean drinking water, habitat for fish and wildlife, erosion and flood control and climate change mitigation. This new planning process will also ensure solutions are embedded with Syilx Okanagan water laws, principles, and practices that value water and the environment as the foundation for sustainability. This project will also continue the work of the foreshore technical committee in developing and harmonizing policies and procedures for enhanced shoreline protection for Okanagan Lake.

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