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Mission Creek Restoration Initiative

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Mission Creek Restoration Initiative (MCRI) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder partnership formed in 2008 to restore the natural function of the lower reaches of Mission Creek in Kelowna, from East Kelowna Road Bridge to Okanagan Lake. The primary goal is to restore the fish and wildlife stocks and habitat. Complimentary objectives are to conserve and expand biodiversity and species at risk, to improve flood protection, to educate the public, and to inspire and support community stewardship.

A key deliverable for Phase 1 of the MCRI is delivery of a demonstration project (MCRI) Demonstration Restoration Project) within purchased lands along the south side of Mission Creek between Casorso Road and Gordon Drive. The aim of this project is to restore habitat for a range of fish and wildlife species as a first step toward generating ecosystem, recreational, social and economic benefits for Mission Creek and local communities.

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