Mill Creek Tree Management Plan

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City of Kelowna

Project Description:

The MCTMP has given the City of Kelowna a better understanding of the tree health and subsequently the riparian health of this important water body. Trees are the backbone of the riparian area providing terrestrial habitat, shade to maintain cooler water temperatures for aquatic species, it offers rainfall interception during major rain events to minimize high contamination events and it provides numerous other ecosystem benefits.

The initial phase of the MCTMP, Phase 1, consisted of developing a detailed tree inventory, completing tree risk assessments and a authoring an implementable planning document which will now provide direction for Phase 2 of the project. Phase 2 will consist of mitigating the identified tree hazards, protecting the retained trees, planting trees with the goal of maintaining and overall improving the riparian management areas of Mill Creek. The long-term goal is to protect the drinking water quality and improve the terrestrial and aquatic habitat along the creek.

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