North Kalamalka Lake Intake Protection Zone Storm Water Reclamation Project

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Greater Vernon Water

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GVW worked with the District of Coldstream to identify and map the capture area for three outfalls (#13, 14, 18) in the Intake Protection Zone that had previously been identified as high risk to water quality during the initial stage of the Storm Water Outfall Improvement Project. The capture areas were delineated, and appropriate tests were performed to analyze the source of contamination (i.e. cross connection testing between sanitation and storm drains).

Urban watersheds create their own challenges in source protection. Drainage, Transportation corridors, community sewers, lift stations etc. Storm water outfalls often are directed to the nearest waterway and in many older developments there is no pretreatment. Often out of sight they are out of mind, pollution can be low to high risk to drinking water. By delineating capture zones, water utilities will be able to respond to emergency spills with more confidence and initiate long term improvements.

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