Okanagan Lake Best Management Practices Illustration Project

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Regional District of Central Okanagan

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The Regional District of Central Okanagan serves over 160,000 people in what is known as BC’s third largest urban area. As part of development and planning for such a large area, the RDCO completed an update for the Central Okanagan Foreshore Management Plan, in addition to completing the Central Okanagan Shoreline Inventory in 2005. This project created graphic illustrations to supplement work by RDCO to update local development policies and guidelines for structures and activities on Okanagan Lakeshore. The graphics illustrate a variety of best management practices including design of docks and layout of upland development in a manner that protects shore spawning and natural marine processes. The illustrations and foreshore plan are companions to the 2005 Central Okanagan Lake Foreshore Inventory and Mapping project and may be used by communities throughout the Okanagan Basin. The Foreshore illustrations are available here: rdco_foreshore_plan.pdf

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