Okanagan Lake Foreshore Inventory Mapping

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Regional District Central Okanagan

Project Description:

Okanagan Lake is a water source for numerous communities up and down the valley. RDCO completed foreshore inventory mapping (FIM) in 2004 and 2010 which documented the condition of the foreshore. This has assisted in a more integrated approach to watershed management. The aim of the project is to update FIM for the northern part of Okanagan Lake in order to enable better decision making on future use and development on Okanagan Lake. In addition, the project will map water intakes and water protection zones to ensure water quality issues are incorporated in foreshore and riparian area planning. The information would be used in developing land use policies, regulations, and educational material and serve as a benchmark for regulatory investigations. The results of the last FIM demonstrated that a number of impacts to the foreshore continue to occur. An analysis of changes over time was conducted with it noted that up to 2 % of the Central Okanagan shoreline is being changed each year. Updated mapping and analysis would enable an evaluation of change in trends since 2004 including changes in wetland areas along the lake.

A collaborative approach is proposed which would include locat provincial, federal and first nation's governments, water purveyors, the South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program {SOSCP) and the Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program {OCCP) through an Action Team approach. The expected deliverables include:

  • Updated FIM mapping, photos and data on the northern portion of Okanagan Lake {potentially all of Okanagan Lake depending on other funding sources).
  • Area specific analysis on changes in foreshore use and quality and future trends.
  • Recommendations based on the trends analysis.
  • Presentations to local governments on the results and potential use of the information.

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