Park Rill Riparian and Aquatic Assessment and Community Engagement

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Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society

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This project has increased an understanding and built community support for habitat-based ecological values along the Park Rill watercourse near Oliver, BC. Immediate and long-term results of this project include identification and mitigation of threats to riparian and aquatic species, water quality concerns have been identified and addressed, restoration opportunities have been identified, prioritized and some addressed immediately, threats to riparian and aquatic species and/or their habitat have been identified, ceased, removed or mitigated and the Friends of Park Rill are engaged and conserving habitats and water in their community.
The use of Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping (SHIM) continues to benefit information on watercourses in the Okanagan in a consistent manner. A Community Value Mapping survey was developed for this survey with St. Lawrence University. Greater Vernon Water (RDNO) is looking at using this template as a basis for some of their outreach with local residents particularly along Coldstream Creek. This method helps to understand the demographics as well as individual and community values to help better support residents in stewardship.

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