Pearson Creek Hydrometric Station

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Black Mountain Irrigation District

Project Description:

It is proposed to reinstate the original Water Survey of Canada (stn #08NM172) near the mouth of Pearson Creek, a sub‐basin of Mission Creek. This includes the installation of a water level recorder, data logger and refurbishing the original concrete weir to determine the volume of water that flows down the channel. The value of this project is to build upon the already existing flow data at this location, Pearson Creek, which is the only large unregulated creek in the Mission Creek watershed. The information collected from this station can be used to segregate to inform the Mission Creek Water Use Plan and water availability/flow at other locations throughout the valley.

Following the installation of the equipment, hourly flow data will be collected. This information will be uploaded monthly to BC WURC. The data will be used as input to the Mission Creek Water Use Plan and to improve the wealth of hydrometric information being collected throughout the Okanagan to be used to inform BMID’s water management decisions and support decisions in the Okanagan valley as a whole.

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