Regional Floodplain Management Project – Phase 2

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Regional District Central Okanagan

Project Description:

This project has identified flood-prone areas that are vulnerable to hydrologic changes (i.e. due to fire) or dam/dike breach that were not historically affected by flood. Communities such as Winfield, Ellison, Oyama and the community around Swalwell Reservoir (Beaver Lake) will benefit directly from the inundation mapping provided by this project in respect to safety and regional planning. The mapping determined how the flood waves from potential dam failures would move downstream in Vernon Creek and Oyama Creek to affect both the fan east of Winfield as well as Kalamalka Lake.

The overall project benefits have provided information for effective resource management throughout the Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Mapping of this kind offers staff at the EOC insight, which in turn will save time and resources when making decisions in an emergency situation.

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