Regional Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw – Phase 2 

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Regional District Okanagan Similkameen

Project Description:

The creation of a Regional Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw is intended to unify water use standards within the Regional District operated water systems. This bylaw will help ensure a sufficient quantity of clean and good quality water available now and in the future for all user sectors and environmental needs within the Regional District to support healthy communities and a robust economy. It is intended to protect and enhance the quality of life for our residents through water conservation/efficiency and sustainable water management, integration of drought management recommendations, inclusion of Cross Connection Control (CCC) requirements and consistent interpretation of the regulations. Phase 1, the draft bylaw, of the Regional Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw is currently underway thanks to the 2014/2015 Water Conservation and Quality Improvement Grant from the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Phase 2 will complete the work to develop and bring into implementation the final bylaw.

The Region-Wide Water Use Regulation and Conservation Bylaw aims to:

  • Build a collaborative approach to water management and promote more uniform standards and best practices
    throughout the region.
  • Lead the way with innovations in water policy and practices.
  • Plan for recurring dry years and wet years, and changing conditions
  • Put plans in place to reduce risks of drought and flooding, improve water efficiency and protect water quality.
  • Promote water efficiency in all sectors.
  • Regulate source protection.
  • Enhance water quality and conserve water quantity in the communities within the Okanagan Basin Watershed.
  • Include efforts on one of the areas with highest impact-irrigation.
  • Address water issues and enhance the regional valley-wide sustainable use of water.
  • Protect and enhance the quality of life for our residents through sustainable water management.
  • Help protect water quality, so it can be accessed, used and re-used for many purposes-while preserving
    environmental flows.
  • Utilize healthy partnerships: communities and stakeholders working together to increase capacity and understanding, improving water quality and conservation, and adapting to changing environmental, social and economic conditions.

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