Shuttleworth Creek Diversion Removal and Well Implementation

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Okanagan Nation Alliance

Project Description:

The Allendale Water Users’ (AWUC) uses a significant proportion of Shuttleworth Creek’s stream flow annually from April to October and has an unscreened intake. The project involves moving the AWUC from surface water supply to groundwater supply in order to provide an efficient and reliable source of water for the AWUC and to restore the creek’s natural flow regime allowing fish migration and spawning, creek dynamics to function effectively, a reduction of fish entrainment within the irrigation system and to promote water conservation and habitat improvement.

This project will provide a reliable supply of water to the AWUC by completion of production wells, a reservoir and replacing their 1930s inefficient irrigation system. The current diversion will be decommissioned removing all anthropogenic materials from the creek and diversion channel. Success will be measured by an increase in creek flows, improvement of water quality downstream, presence of fish migration and overall habitat improvement, a sustained water supply for the AWUC and minimal to no interference with neighbouring wells.

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