Source Water Protection Plan

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City of Kelowna

Project Description:

To establish a source water protection plan for the City of Kelowna that establishes best practices and policies aimed at preserving and protecting water sources from water quality and supply threats.

A formalized plan will be developed and submitted to Interior Health that outlines a number of action items and timelines that need to be completed in order to preserve or enhance water quality for the residents of Kelowna. As this will be a on-going “living” document, success will be measured on an annual basis as to level of compliance or targets reached and re-evaluated for modifications or additions as needed.

City of Kelowna intends to hire a local environmental consultant that will bring together a number of related stakeholders for consultation, develop a comprehensive analysis of threats, create statistical analysis, and complete a source protection plan that will be maintained and updated by City of Kelowna staff. Plan will be submitted to IHA for review and used as a basis for on-going filtration deferral, resulting in a savings of ~$200 million in infrastructure and maintenance cost.

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