The Social Life of Water in the Okanagan Valley-Past, Present and Future

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University of British Columbia Okanagan

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Within this project, The Social Life of Water, an engaging and educational exhibit has been created that continues to foster more sustainable human-water relationships in the Okanagan.

The exhibition uses a variety of media such as video projection, original audio recordings in English and nsyilxcen, an interactive touch screen, as well as full colour large format photographs, maps, graphs and informative text integrated into visual panels. The syilx water declaration is also displayed in English and nsyilxcen and there is a salmon run chalkboard for visitor comments. The space takes visitors on a journey through zones from snowmelt in the upper watershed, down through streams and creeks, resting in wetlands, before reaching the lakes in the valley bottom, and finally flowing out the Okanagan River. The zones situate visitors in the specific challenges and solutions facing inhabitants throughout the Okanagan. This space allows a broad range of visitors to learn about and reflect on human-water relationships in the Okanagan.

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