Water Management Assessment for Residential/Commercial Landscapes

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Project Budget:


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Regional District Okanagan Similkameen

Project Description:

The aim of the project is:

  • To assist property owners to implement water conservation techniques through an on-site assessment of their landscapes; irrigation or water system, plant selections, and overall suitability to the climate.
  • Reductions in outdoor water use and building resiliency to drought.
  • To continue to strengthen the valley-wide approach to adaptation to climate change (drought preparedness).
  • To target the need for widespread behavioral modification to conserve and manage water.


  • Augmentation of the current Make Water Work (MWW) program: utilizing the already amassed pledges from previous years and supporting the Valley-wide approach to reduce outdoor water usage – increased participation in MWW on-line pledge
  • Sharing Information: The site assessment will be shared and data compiled giving the OBWB and the three regions valuable information about residents landscaping perceptions and practices that are not currently available. The site assessment evaluation sheet can be used to measure property owners interest and knowledge on the affects of drought, waterwise landscaping, smart irrigation, storm water management, invasive species, composting, lawn alternatives, landscaping for biodiversity (natural gardening)
  • Workshops: to support the outreach efforts
  • Articles and improved Social Media presence: written articles that address some of the perceived barriers to the above, and landscape modifications to reduce consumption along with posts and insertions into RDOS Social media platforms

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