Water Metering Strategy

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Town of Osoyoos

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The purpose of this study was to have an independent 3rd party review all the Town of Osoyoos’ current water usage patterns and compare them to other communities; identify water conservation practices and identify their potential water conservation impacts; identify all the challenges associated with implementing a water metering program including costs, equipment options and community interface; and present recommendations including a framework for a communications plan.

The study provided all of what was expected plus an assessment of where the Town of Osoyoos is in achieving the BC Living Water Smart Initiative Targets of achieving 33% efficiency by 2020. The study illustrated Osoyoos is at 70% of achieving this target without the use of water meters. This is a very useful tool for Council as it prepares for the challenge of implementing a water meter program. The first order of action by Council was to set up an annual reserve fund for water meters that will decrease water fee impacts when the program is implemented.

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