Water quality assurance during ORRI- Penticton Channel Spawning Bed No. 3 construction

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Okanagan Nation Alliance

Project Description:

The overall Okanagan River Restoration Initiative (ORRI) goal was to regain some of the Okanagan River habitat quality and quantity that has been lost, returning channelized river portions back to more natural conditions. The construction of ORRI- Penticton Channel Spawning Bed No. 3 continues successful ORRI efforts to improve habitat quality and quantity in the highly degraded Penticton Channel.

The restoration work’s construction activities were aimed at limiting the risks for potential immediate negative impacts on water quality and surrounding environment. The goal during construction was to assure the preservation of water quality in the Okanagan River and Skaha Lake during all works. The OBWB WCQI grant funding provided capacity for monitoring and assuring water quality experiences minimal impacts during the associated restoration construction activities.

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