Water Utilities Master Plan (2 Grants)

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District of West Kelowna

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Though the District of West Kelowna (DWK) incorporated in 2007, it wasn’t until January 1, 2011, that they were able to integrate all five water systems when the Lakeview Irrigation District and Westbank Irrigation District utilities dissolved and were transferred under DWK’s jurisdiction. The intent of this project was to develop a comprehensive Water Utility Master Plan (WMP) for the purposes of water quality improvement, source water protection, and conservation. The WMP provides a 20-year implementation sequence, schedule, and financial aspects that will support: one water system, one quality of water and one rate system. This project also delivered watershed source and supply information for two major Okanagan watersheds (Lambly and Powers Creek); conservation recommendations for a community of 30,000 people; water treatment objectives for the municipality's five water service areas; asset conditions and ongoing maintenance and improvement plans to ensure the integrity of five systems; and municipality wide water rate structure and financial strategies.

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