Water Ways – the Past, Present and Future of the Okanagan Waterscape

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University of British Columbia Okanagan

Project Description:

The project will support a touring multimedia exhibition and public presentation series called Waterways – the Past, Present and Future of Okanagan Waterscape, which aims to promote sustainable water practices by exploring the nature of human-water relationships in the Okanagan. The objectives of the project are:
1. to create an engaging and educational space that increases public awareness of the fragile relationship between people and water in the Okanagan Valley, and in so doing inspire citizens to adopt more sustainable water practices;
2. to strengthen cross-cultural and transdisciplinary understanding, collaboration, knowledge sharing and multidirectional channels of communication on water management and sustainability in the Okanagan; and
3. to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in fostering a culture of ecological awareness, collaboration, resilience and sustainability as it relates to water.
Ultimately, through the exhibition and public presentations, we hope to establish a common ground about water stewardship/water sustainability and the future of water in the Okanagan, showcase concepts of water sustainability and best practices in indigenous and non-indigenous collaboration on sustainable water management, and stimulate engagement of citizens on water issues and solutions.

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