Watershed Assessment and Protection Plan – Vernon Creek and Oyama Creek

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District of Lake Country

Project Description:

The District of Lake Country (DLC) completed Source to Tap Assessments and Protection Plans of both the Vernon and Oyama Creek watersheds after receiving a WCQI grant from OBWB.

The assessments followed modules 1, 2, 7 and 8 of the Comprehensive Drinking Water Source-to-Tap Assessment Guidelines, with the overall objectives of the assessment to identify current and/or future drinking water health hazard(s) and vulnerabilities, characterize the risk posed by each identified hazard and provide recommendations to reduce the overall impacts on the drinking water sources. Works included spatial data acquisition, the involvement of numerous stakeholders, background review/data mining, analysis and mapping, and comprehensive field surveys of both watersheds.

These initial works have pinpointed a series of potential hazards that exist within the watersheds including natural events such as landslides and forest fires, as well as anthropogenic activities like recreation and intentional dumping.

The assessment was distributed to all stakeholders for review and comment before it was finalized. It is an invaluable planning tool for DLC, as well as various provincial ministries and special interest groups.

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