Westshore Estates Leak Detection

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Regional District Central Okanagan

Project Description:

The RDCO is looking for support to engage a qualified contractor to conduct a Leak Detection Study in the Westshore Estates Water System. Through this study we expect to identify potential leaks within our water system.

Okanagan Lake is the source water for the Westshore Estates Water System. In 2015, the metered consumption was only 36% of the water pumped from Okanagan Lake. The remaining 64% or 124,000 M3 of water was unaccounted predominantly from leaks in the distribution system. The successful contractor will provide the RDCO with a report identifying possible leak locations. The RDCO can then move forward to repair the leaks and resume efficient use of the water pumped from Okanagan Lake. Following leak identification and repair, the RDCO will continue to monitor unaccounted water and electricity consumption to determine the impact of the repairs.

The goal of this project is to employing a Leak Detection professional contractor with specialized leak detection equipment and trained staff to identify and document the location of all leaks. We would receive detailed data within a report, identifying the coordinates of the various leaks within our system. Once we have these locations identified, we would then move forward to investigate and eliminate these leaks, re-establishing efficient water delivery to our Westhore customers. Following repair of the all the identified leaks, the RDCO targets that approximately 90% of the pumped water would be meter (i.e., 10% unaccounted).

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