Westshore Estates/Killiney Beach Leak Detection

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Regional District of Central Okanagan

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The aim of this project was to conduct leak detection on two water systems with the goal of identifying and repairing leaks. The investigation and identification of significant distribution system leaks enabled Operations staff to efficiently excavate and repair the leaks. The leak repairs contributed to much less raw water being pumped, which also contributed to a significant reduction in electrical consumption and chemical usage. Goals and objectives were met through this program. The reduced demand on the raw water requirements led to less demand on the limited BC Hydro power grid in the Northwest side of Okanagan Lake as well as a reduction in total volume of water extracted from Okanagan Lake. The average daily energy usage over the summer months was reduced by 44% at both stations. This reduction in both energy and water consumption through leak detection could be achieved by any water purveyor with aging infrastructure, delaying the need for replacement, targeting repairs, and reducing long-term capital costs.

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